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Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative divorce  provides you and your spouse or partner with the support and guidance of your own lawyers without going to court. Additionally, Collaborative Practice allows you the benefit of coaches, child and financial specialists all working together with you on your team. In Collaborative Practice, core elements form your commitments to this process, which are to: Negotiate a mutually acceptable resolution without having courts decide issues. Maintain open communication and information sharing. Create shared solutions acknowledging the highest priorities of all. This can be an empowering process designed to reduce your anxiety and provide a safe space to express yourself.

For local Collaborative Practitioners, see www.winwindivorce.org

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Divorce Mediation

A divorce mediator can work as a neutral with a couple who is amicable and wants to save money. Our pricing is transparent, flat-fee pricing, based on the complexity of your finances.

Why waste your hard-earned money in an expensive court battle? We offer a mediated solution with financial expertise throughout the process. We will help structure a creative settlement option that allows both parties to keep more of their own money. One of our family law attorneys provides document preparation and filing so you can have an amicable resolution without ever stepping foot in a courtroom.

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Affordable financial analysis, mediation, and facilitation for your amicable divorce. Don Morris and Columbus Divorce Advisors, is dedicated to saving you money, reducing stress and keeping you out of court during your divorce settlement process and post-divorce.

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